Currently In Development The Consent Form Builder is currently in development, and currently should not be used in any official capacity

Make a form for recruitment and testing

Your answers will be put into a consent form for your research participant to read and agree to.

You'll be able to edit your answers and print the consent form later.

This information is not stored for any other purpose.

Basic Information

Will the participant be representing an organisation?

Project Information

'The purpose of this study is to [insert project goal].' For example, to help the Design team validate the customer registration flow using a prototype
'We're doing some research to learn more about [insert research topic here]...'
' we can understand how we might [[insert research goal here]...'
'...We'd like to talk with the participant about it because [insert reason here].'
E.g. a report, a presentation, a research dataset, etc...
What type of research are you doing?
E.g. '1 hour'. Be as precise as you can
E.g. 'in our offices', 'at your home', 'in a nearby coffee shop', etc...

Privacy Information

What information will you be collecting about the participant?
How will you be recording the participant and their property?
Will clips of the recordings, where the participant's face is obscured, be shared outside the project team?
How will you protect the participant's privacy?
This should be anyone who is responsible for the data, other than you (link to GDPR)
Click here for more information - ICO GDPR Regulation Guidelines

Data Storage Information

E.g. Secure file drive, protected cloud server, etc...
Will you be storing the data in the research repository?
E.g. '12 weeks', '6 months', '2 years', etc...
E.g. '12 weeks', '6 months', '2 years', etc...


Will you be compensating the participant for their time?